Future Engineering Trends in Educations & Career workshop for O/L and A/L Students
Engineering is an evolving field with multiple career opportunities for students in both Sri Lanka and Overseas. Engineers work in a variety of fields to understand their customer’s needs, and then to design, develop, test and certify solutions using only commercially available components and materials. This can range improving and maintaining current systems, to creating brand new systems.

For the first time in Sri Lanka AIC Campus has organized an Engineering Education and Career Workshop for the future Engineers that are looking at various career fields. The workshop is conducted by a panel of experienced Engineering professionals and innovators with years of industry exposure with leading Companies in the World.

Date: Saturday, 30th November, 2019
Time: 10.00AM onwards
Venue: BMICH Colombo, Orchid Hall

There are traditional engineering disciplines like Mechanical, Civil and computer engineering still popular among students; new engineering fields such as Mechatronics,which includes Robotics, and Aeronautics have become popular among students. Understanding various engineering fields, what those engineers do, how they impact on day to day life, different education pathways available for students, and where the jobs will be in future will be important for students.

The Seminar Workshop will be featuring the following Resource panel in their respective fields,

1. Tilak Dissanayake
Product Design Engineer
Robotic Air Cargo Network
Volunteer with CAA,
Vega Electric Supercar

Mr. Dissanayake is the founder of Ants Global (Pvt) Ltd with nearly four decades of industry experience as a Product Design Engineer. He has work experience in Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing (12 years), Xerox (7 years), and various startups (6 years) during the Internet boom years in Silicon Valley. After 30 years in the United States, he returned to Sri Lanka in 2001 and is engaged in a variety of ventures including designing a fully robotic air cargo network. He is passionate about unleashing the potential of Sri Lankan youth, and volunteers his time for various efforts including the Vega Electric Supercar Project, and the Civil Aviation Authority’s District Aviation Awareness Program and the Next Generation Aviation Professional Program.

Mr. Dissanayake will do an interactive session covering,
4th Industrial Revolution
• Product Design Engineering,
• Mechatronics,
• Essential Skills, Knowledge and Attitude Required,
• Getting Out of The Middle Income Trap

2. Thilan Koththigoda - Chartered Architect, AIA(SL), RIBA, RDI(New York), GreenSL(AP), M.Sc.(Architecture), B.Sc.(Built Environment), Dip.(Advertising and Communication) Director KWA Architects, Award Winner 2019 Asia Pacific Architectural Awards

Mr. Koththigoda worked in the UK and the Middle East prior to forming KWA and has won numerous academic awards including Professor K.R.S. Peiris Design award for the best designer in M.Sc. Architecture. Sri Lanka Institute of Architects award for the best part III results, Sri Lanka Institute of Architects award for the best results in M.Sc. Architecture and from the University of Moratuwa, the awards for best results in M.Sc. Architecture and B.Sc. Built Environment degrees. He is widely considered as one of the best modern architects in Sri Lanka. His designs have won local and international awards with the most recent being the Award for the best design at Asia Pacific Architectural Awards. His work include some of the most popular shopping complexes, hotels and restaurants, retail outlets, train stations and apartment complexes in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Mr. Koththigoda will do an interactive session covering,
• Latest trends in Building and Construction Engineering
• Intelligent buildings and use of technology in construction industry
• Creative thinking and skills required to become an architect
• Career opportunity and education options in Building and Construction Industry

3. Eng. Damitha Samarakoon
Deputy Director Janathaakshana Ltd
BSc Mechanical Engineering, CIMA (UK)

Mr.Samarakoon is a leading Environmental Engineers and is pioneering the concept of sustainability and sustainable growth in Sri Lanka, He closely works with various State, Private Sector and Overseas companies in developing Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly systems. In addition to his work in the Energy and Sustainability areas he’s considered as one of the most popular corporate trainers in Sri Lanka.
Mr. Samarakoon will do an interactive session covering,
• Developing practical applications using team work
• Most essential qualities to become a world class Engineer
• Preparing for Engineering employment opportunities in Sri Lanka and overseas
• Energy and Sustainability in Engineering

4. Eng. Thushara Edirisinghe
Inventor - Alternative Fuel and Energy - Self-Charging and self-running fuel-less generator.
BSc Mechanical Engineering

Skilled and driven Mechatronics Engineer with 15 years of career in providing cost effective solutions to wide range of power and energy problems. Mr.Edrisinghe is widely considered as an expert in Electricity and Power generation.

Benefits of participation
1. Certificate of Participation for all participants.
2. Scholarships up to 75% through Placement examinations for Engineering degree programs and Foundation in Technology and Engineering programs
3. Hands on experience and group based Engineering skills development programs

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