EPF, former Ecole Polytechnique Féminine (Polytechnic School for Women), was founded in 1925, as one of France's first Grandes Ecoles to train women to be engineers. EPF trains well-rounded generalist engineers in a 5-year programme. Thus, graduates of EPF are capable of adapting to business and technological changes and to their future employers' strategies. EPF generalist engineers learn to master a wide spectrum of skills so that they can manage complex projects and oversee fundamental developments. Its research policy is designed to foster a true “research culture” at the heart of its teaching model. It is also designed to provide students with new career opportunities. For students, EPF research offers: a training approach through research, an opening towards research and innovation, a preparation for the engineering career and a talented developer. To date, 95% of EPF graduates found a job within less than 4 months. Their average gross annual starting salary has been €37,000, rising to €45,000 after 3 years of experience. These remarkable figures rank EPF among the best Engineering Schools in terms of salary, demonstrating its generalist engineers' potential for growth. EPF's students have the choice between 3 beautiful campuses in Sceaux (close to Paris), Montpellier (south of France) and Troyes (East of France), where they can fully enjoy their student years. They have several housing options available: university residences or student housing, rented rooms, individual studios or apartments near the school.

Why Study at EPF
• Employability – 95% of graduates find employment under 4 months after completing the degree
• +150 International partner universities
• 30% of students participate in either bi-national or double degree programs
• 100% of students go abroad for a semester
• 8 majors starting from year 4
• 2000 students (30% women) and +400 Engineer graduates every year
• 4 degree programmes accredited by CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur)
• 150 permanent faculty and staff, 650 professional contacts and instructors
• Internships – 12 months during studies

1. Aeronautics & Space
2. Structures & Materials
3. Engineering & Digital Technologies
4. Engineering & Management
5. Engineering & Health
6. Energy & Environment
7. Building & Eco-Cities
8. Data Engineering