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AIC Campus is one of the reputed, well-organized and fully dedicated academic organizations to provide quality education. The students of AIC Campus can lead in any sector because we are providing the conducive academic environment and we also sharpen student's excellence through academically and practical experience. In addition to that, our students enjoy social, academic, and professional development activities through student organizations, study abroad programs, and internships.

We recognize that one of the most important decisions in a student’s life is the place they will study. It is a decision that needs careful and comprehensive research. A decision that will mark an individual’s career path. Reading this message will assure you that the AIC Campus is the right choice for you. I welcome you all to our Campus to enjoy the learning experience in an untrammeled environment; “What we learn with pleasure we never forget.”

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Dr. Sanjeevan Rajendran
PhD University of Colombo
Academic and Administration Department prides itself in providing students with excellent instruction and outstanding opportunities for career development and enhancement. We are committed to maintaining an environment that is supportive of your academic needs and conducive to your creative development as a student.

The Administration and Operations Departments maintain academic standards and policies that promote the achievement of professional goals. We endeavor to meet your academic needs through a variety of academic programs and services. Our doors of opportunity are open and waiting for you to join us on a horizon broadening adventure.

AIC Campus reserves the right to change academic policies including course structure, availability, content, or requirements solely at its own discretion as it deems necessary and appropriate.

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Equal Opportunity Policy
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Diversity Policy
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Conflict of Interest Policy
Learner Support Policy
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Contingency and Adverse Effects Policy

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