@gaelle_enjalric Deputy Director International Affairs In @montpellier_bs leading Business School in Montpellier visited @aiccampus Colombo on Wednesday 16th October. She met with prospective students who are planning to study in @montpellier_bs. @aiccampus has a partnership with @montpellier_bs where students study 2 years of their BBA Degree in Sri Lanka and Transfer to France for their final year of the Degree leading to internships and career placements in leading French companies. For more information about @aiccampus School of Business you can call us on 0777335511 or visit our website https://www.aicedu.lk/Business.php #studyinfrance #bbainternationalbusiness #internshipsabroad #studybusiness #masterofbusinessadministration #montpellierbusinessschool #scholarships